Matije Gupca 32.

Split, 21000, Hrvatska (Croatia)

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Dora Duplančić
Aromatherapist, crystal healer, energy healer, Angelic healer.

She finished two courses in Aroma Academy; The Family Aromatherapist and Aromamasseur and her final work was a science work under a name "The energy side of etherical oils - lowering the blood pressure by an aroma compress". She has successfully passed a Raindrop  and Vitaflex therapist course, and has 10 passed courses from an interantional institution called Institute for Inner Studies inc., and among which are Bioenergy and Crystal Healing. In 2015.she becomes a Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner by mentor Stephanie Brail, while in 2016.g. she finishes several courses by Doreen Virtue on the subject of clairvoyance, Fairies and Angels. Since early years she has been studying western astrology and radiesthesy pasively. She does esotheric artwork. She has kept more lectures about spirituality and alternative medicine at Liburnicon and other places.

She is self-taught in jewelry making, and does wire wrap and filigree silversmithing with silver and othet metals, which she combines with crystals (precious and semi precious stones, more known as gems or gemstones).

Proff.Tanja Duplančić

Proffesor of history of art and painting, an academic painter, astrologer, radiesthesist, nail-art master.

An astrologer with more than 35 years of experience, with a special area of study in the replacement of energy, and known by her work on natal and synastry charts in whole of Croatia and abroad. She is a naturally born radiesthesist, meaning she does not require helping tools for detection of natural, space or technical radiations. She is a professor of history of art and of painting, and an author of curriculum of Cultural heritage. She has applied her talent in Nail-art applied art. Her exceptional paintings can be bought and ordered at the Center.

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Natural therapies individually customized & various educations


In Oaza Mira (eng. Oasis of Peace) we have dedicated to restoring balance back to a human being, and to achieve that it is necessary to perceive a human as a whole. Based on our client chart, Aura recording or an astrology chart, we choose essential oils precisely for the unique client's condition, special crystal therapies or a combination of therapies for most effectiveness, harmonizing the body and Spirit. And for those who sense a healer's call, we offer various educations.

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Recipes & Advice

In our blog you'll find various recipes, culinary as well as aromatherapy ones, but also spiritual and esoteric texts.

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