Matije Gupca 32.

Split, 21000, Hrvatska (Croatia)

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About us

Oaza Mira (Oasis of Peace) is a Natural, Energy and Spiritual medicine Center.

Our small Center is a place of complete regeneration of Spirit, Mind and Body. Our mission is to help as many people as we can to live in harmony with them selves, their close ones and the nautre. Our goal is to keep the prices available to all and to be acknowledged in the region and wider.

The areas of therapy we do are the eldest forms of affecting health. They are close to a human, simple, geneticaly understandable. There are many proofs of it's efficacy. In the area of Aromatherapy it is interesting to point out the fact that plants constantly change their ingredients (from hour to hour), being in an immense advantage upon viruses, bacteria and for example insects who develop the resilience to some laboratory made substances. Viruses and bacteria never manage to make resilience to plants, due to the fact that plants change much faster than they do.

In Oaza Mira (Oasis of Peace) we have a holistic approach to health, which means that a human is perceived as a complete being with all it's issues, and we do not observe the issues as separate unities.  Through an informational talk and filling of a classified client's chart, a therapist concludes and suggests a therapy or a combination. They can be various treatments with aromatherapy, bioenergy (energy healing), crystal healing, Angel Healing, specially made preparations which you would apply yourself, compresses, baths, inhalations, and various other treatments or combinations of treatments, and all adjusted to a health need of an individual, as well as their paying ability (health is for everyone!).

Oaza Mira is a small family artisan place which is run by daughter and mother. We approach every client with maximum care and attention, but we perform a high amount of different activities and commitments by ourselves. For this reason we ask you to book your appointment or contact us

We are open for bussiness cooperation.

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Customized therapies

Individually prepared remedies

Choosing by Aura/Natal chart



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